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February 15 2015

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My friend Isaac has the most gorgeous hands I have ever seen, and I am completely enamored of them. The day I met him he promised to let me draw them, and I finally got to last weekend. 

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Bedroom update

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let me know
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February 14 2015

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Pytasz co u mnie? Masz całą mnie na zupie.
— nf19
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 glow in the light

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my kids: sing us a song to sleep
me: ok
me: yo, I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake

mom: how u today


Edvard Munch

Despair, 1829.

Oil on canvas

36 1/4 x 26 1/2” (92 x 67 cm)

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online garden here 

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They had not been seen together in the museum galleries for quite a while. Monet’s “Women with Umbrellas” are once again side by side in the Impressionist gallery.

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Żebym ja potrafił mówić tak, jak myślę.
— Denis Diderot (via polskie-zdania)
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